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Homes For Sale Bellville, TX

Suppose you’re looking to move to Texas; Bellville is one town to consider.

Bellville is a clean, well-planned, charming community with a colorful mixture of diverse cultures. Featuring major highways accessibility, pastoral atmosphere, smog-free air, Bellville offers lots of desirable features to various business interests, the residents, and visitors.

Bellville has a local school district, public library, Christian-based school, four financial institutions, various manufacturing and small businesses, etcetera. However, the affordable homes for sale in Bellville and convenient sites for retail and industrial development places Bellville on top of the best towns to live in Texas.

Bellville enjoys an Economic Development Corporation, which is funded by the 4B Sales Tax.

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Why Look for Real Estate in Bellville, TX?

The house-hunting process is often a daunting experience. Besides considering your budget and finding the ideal home, you’ll need to find a property in a perfect location with your preferred amenities, easy transportation links, and great schools (if you have kids).

While the house itself holds much importance when looking for real estate, the location is even more crucial. Suppose you intend to move to Texas and are looking for the perfect community for remote workers, single business professionals, and families; Bellville, Texas is your best bet.

Besides the various amenities you’ll enjoy, the affordable homes for sale in Bellville are another reason to start your property search here.

Is Bellville a Good Place To Live?

Bellville is one of the best towns to live in Texas due to the rich cultural history, budget-friendly real estate, great schools, entertainment, and fun. Some of the activities to enjoy in Bellville include:

Visit Newman Castle

Take a stroll to the Newman Castle, which Mike Newman has been building for 20 years, which comes with a giant trebuchet, drawbridge, and moat. Visitors can explore the chapel and dungeon and fight imaginary dragons from the bell tower. You’ll have great fun flinging stones to the imagined dragons from a medieval catapult.

Bellville Meat Market

Meat markets are becoming quite rare these days. However, the Bellville meat market is a sight to behold. Step inside and find barbecue counters serving traditional Texas-style ’cue and butchers waiting to cut your steak.

Phenix Knives

Cowboy” Szymanski, a talented blacksmith, spends long hours molding metal into various works of art sharp enough to slice anything, including deer hide.

Located in a historic building that has served as a blacksmith shop for over a century, the cowboy provides tours to visitors that allow them to come close enough to feel the heat from his 3,000-degree fire.

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Austin County Jail Museum

The Austin County jail, established in 1896 and active until 1982, is one you’ll love visiting. The museum inside the prison tells the history of the county and Texas even.

Consider visiting the jail if you’re interested in learning about Bellville’s founders, James and Thomas Bell, who donated the land that later became Bellville after the San Felipe de Austin fire disaster.

Interesting Facts about Bellville, TX

Fondly called the “Belle of the Bluebonnet County,” Bellville is the county seat of Austin County, Texas. While Bellville is a typical small town with a country lifestyle, it’s close to Bryan/College Station and Houston, Texas Highway 290, and Interstate Highway 10.

Founded in 1848 and later incorporated in 1927, this quaint town’s population is approximately 4,200.

This small town, located at 275 feet above sea level, offers a picturesque look straight from the magazine. Its green rolling hills and stunning wildflowers as seen throughout early spring to late summer add to its old town charm.

After James and Thomas Bell (Bellville’s founding fathers) donated 145 acres of land to Austin County, the first public structures for the new town were churches, a wooden courthouse, and a log cabin.

The primary occupation was farming, and the town experienced slow growth until 1880 when the Santa Fe Railroad got established. The population witnessed a significant increase from 300 to 1000 residents within three years.


How Good Are Schools in Bellville, TX?

As a family with kids looking to move to Texas, you might be wondering about the quality of schools in Bellville before settling there. Well, you don’t have to worry, seeing as the town has excellent schools your kids will love. There are six public schools in Bellville Independent School District serving 2,261 students.

The Bellville ISD average testing ranking is about 7/10, putting it in the 50 percent of Texas public schools.

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