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With just over 2,600 residents, Crosby, TX, is a small town in Harris County with all the perks of suburban, rural living. Close-knit communities, cost of living that’s nine percent lower than the national average, and all-year-round friendly weather are some of the attractions of Crosby, Texas.

If you’re looking for a small town that’s free from all that big city noise and with just about everything you need for a comfortable life, Crosby, TX, is where you need to be.

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Crosby Best Attractions

If you are seriously considering buying one of the homes for sale in Crosby, TX, you should know about the following perks of living in this scenic city.

Quiet Suburban, Rural Life

A relatively small town, Crosby is one of the best places in Texas to enjoy the mix of suburban, rural living. The communities are closely-knit, and the residents are hospitable.

Getting around the town is also stress-free, with the Harris County Transit Services providing public transportation for residents who don’t have their own cars.

Furthermore, all the amenities you need daily (grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, etcetera) are within your reach, regardless of where you live in the town. It’s as comfortable as small-town living gets in Crosby, Texas.

Low Cost of Living

Nothing says small-town living like low cost of living. In Crosby, Texas, the cost of living is nine percent lower than the national average, which means you won’t have to deal with the insane prices of basic amenities that are typical in the big cities, like San Francisco.

To put things in better perspective, housing expenses in Crosby are 21 percent lower than the national average while transportation and grocery prices are three percent and 13 percent lower than the US average, respectively. The cost of healthcare is also nine percent lower than the national average.

Low Crime Rates

Crime rates in Crosby, Texas, are relatively low compared to most US suburbs. Overall, the town is safer than 31 percent of most US states, with just about 11 violent crimes yearly. Crosby’s crime rating is also lower (3.22 percent) than Texas’ state average (4.5 percent).

Things to Do in Crosby

Despite being a small town, there are several fun things you can enjoy in Crosby, TX. Here are our picks of the bunch.

Enjoy the Outdoors at Crosby Park

Crosby Park’s 46-acre landscape allows locals and visitors to enjoy spending time outdoors. The park features a basketball court, six regulation-size soccer fields, one youth-size soccer field, two football pitches, and two tennis courts.

There’s also a playground for the kids, a barbecue pavilion, barbecue grills, and picnic tables for families who fancy a Saturday afternoon picnic.

Spend Some Family Time at the Barrett Station/Riley Chambers Community Center

Similar to Crosby Park, the Barrett Station/Riley Chambers Community Center offers several recreational facilities for families to hang out and bond. Picnic tables, playground, trails, a riding arena, and football, basketball, and baseball pitches are some of the center’s major attractions.

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Facts About the Crosby, TX Housing Market

The housing market in Crosby is a balanced market, meaning the demand and supply of houses are the same. Also, homes for sale in Crosby, TX, typically sell after 70 days on the market on average.

Home Values In Crosby

The median home listing price in Crosby was $273,000 in January 2022, with a 13.3 percent year-on-year increase.

With prices spiking, rush over to our listings of residential properties for sale in Crosby, Texas, and get that home deal done before the prices get too high.

Top Schools In Crosby

If you’re considering moving to Crosby, Texas, with your kids but you have questions about the education system, then you’ll be glad to hear that the town has some really great schools.

Crosby has over 17 schools, including nine preschools, nine elementary schools, three high schools, three middle schools, eight public district schools, and nine private schools.

Some of the top schools in Crosby, TX, include Barrer Elementary School, Crosby Elementary School, Crosby Middle School, Crosby High School, and Crosby Crossroads Academy.

What Are the Noise Levels and Air Quality in Crosby, TX?

Crosby is a small town with about 2600 residents, meaning you won’t have to worry about congestion and noise, and air pollution.

What Are the Best Activities for Kids in Crosby, TX?

Kids can enjoy the numerous sporting facilities at Crosby Park and the Barrett Station/Riley Chambers Community Center. Playgrounds are also included for children not old enough to compete in sports. Furthermore, you and your kids can enjoy weekend picnics at either the park or the community center.

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