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Looking to get a hot piece of the highly coveted Texas real estate market? Then Houston, Texas is a great option!

Right next to Galveston Bay and the Gulf of Mexico lies the magnificent Southeast town of Houston, Texas. Houston is the fourth most populated city in the United States and the most populated in Texas.

Known for its diversity, stunning scenery and beautiful beaches, Houston, TX, is inarguably one of the best places to live in Texas. Besides the welcoming atmosphere and high quality of life, Houston is one of Texas’s safest places to live.

Warm and inviting, the city of Houston is a must-see for any traveler and the best place to raise a family. Houston is presently a top relocation destination for people looking to move to Texas due to its affordable living cost, premium entertainment hotspots, and the numerous industries located in this large city.
Famous for its energy industry and space exploration, and top-rated schools, Houston, TX, attracts many young professionals and couples and families with children. Little wonder homes for sale in Houston, TX, quickly sell after hitting the market.

If you’ve decided to move here, browse through our listings to find the best home for sale in Houston and ensure you regularly check for newly listed properties till you find something that appeals to you.

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Houston’s Best Attractions

If you’re going to take the big leap, it’s only right you know what to expect when you finally move to Houston. The following are some of the reasons homes for sale in Houston, TX, are speedily being sold out:

Growing Job Market

Houston is a city that’s booming with opportunity. There are so many jobs available, and people from all over Texas flock here every day in search of their dream job! The thriving economy has led to an increasing number of homeowners looking for homes – which means there will be even more supply on the market soon enough.

With the most popular industries being medical research, healthcare, technology, aerospace, and oil and gas, people moving here for these kinds of jobs won’t have any problem finding one that fits, especially in Fortune500 companies like Walmart.

Affordable Housing and Reasonable Living Cost

Contrary to popular belief, living in Houston is pretty affordable regardless of Texas’s high property and sales taxes. The cost of living in Houston is less expensive than similar large cities like New York City or San Francisco.

Houston’s living cost is also 19 percent less than Austin and five percent less than what’s obtainable in Dallas.

Things to Do in Houston

You’re probably interested in discovering the best entertainment hotspots in Houston before you take the big step of buying one of the available homes for sale in Houston, TX. Here are our top picks.

Buffalo Bayou Park

Covering about 160 acres and spanning 2.3 miles, the Buffalo Bayou Park located along Buffalo Bayou, close to Downtown Houston, is famous for its many features, including a walking trail, open green spaces, and a spectacular view of Downtown Houston. If you move here with your kids, this is one of the best places to take them.

Museum of Fine Arts

One of the largest museums in the country, the Museum of Fine Arts displays nearly 70,000 artworks from different parts of the world and features both rotating and permanent exhibits.

Houston Arboretum

This nature center offers free admission and is open daily while featuring over five miles of walking trails, a wildlife garden, a pond, and a butterfly island. Visitors are eligible for a free mosquito spray to enable them to enjoy their stay.

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Facts About the Houston, TX Housing Market

The Houston real estate market is currently on fire as a seller’s market. According to the Houston Association of Realtors (HAR), the single-family rental sector is still the strongest, and homes keep rising. What does it mean for people looking to move here? Now is the best time to jump in for a piece of the pie.

Houston housing market is pretty competitive, with homes receiving three offers on average and selling within 25 days compared to 34 days last year. Houston property prices increased by 20.4 percent in January 2022, compared to the previous year with the median price of $295,000 with 2,147 homes sold in January 2022 compared to 1,959 sold last year.

As of February 2022, Houston’s average sale price was $312,000, a 16.3 percent increase since last year, with the per square foot sale price at $161,00, 22.9 percent higher than last year. With the predicted continuous rise in home prices in Houston, now is the time to grab for yourself that dream home you’ve always wanted.

Browse through our listing to see what fits. Our agents are available to help you find your dream home regardless of your budget.

Home Values in Houston

There are about 17,566 homes for sale in Houston, TX, online. Out of the total homes in this large but magnificent city, 67 percent are single-family homes, 37 percent are for rent, and 63 percent are for sale. This means that regardless of the property type you prefer, there’s something for everyone in Houston, Texas.

Top Schools in Houston

As a family moving here with kids, you might want to know how great the schools in Houston, Texas are. Well, you have nothing to worry about. Houston Independent School District (HISD) is ranked as the country’s seventh-largest district and serves 280 schools, 210,061 students, and 13,000 teachers within 312 square miles.

Some of the top-rated schools in Houston for your kids include Carnegie Vanguard High School, DeBakey High School for Health Professions, Challenge Early College High School, Kerr High School, and Eastwood Academy.

What Are the Noise Levels and Air Quality in Houston, TX?

While Houston is a large city with about 2.29 million people, it has surprisingly managed to maintain a good air quality index (AQI) through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) assessment over the years. This indicates that the air in Houston hardly poses any health risks to its residents.

Houston is also relatively noise-free, especially following the introduction of the Houston Sound Ordinance, protecting residents from various types of disruptive noises includingL loud machinery, animals, music, and motor vehicles. In Houston residential areas, sound can’t exceed 58 decibels at night and 65 decibels during daytime.

What Are the Best Activities for Kids in Houston, TX?

If you’re moving here with your kids, you might be wondering what Houston holds for your kid’s entertainment. Well, here are a few entertainment options to explore with them.

Children’s Museum of Houston

Founded by parents who wanted to improve childhood development in this stunning city as far back as 1980, the Children’s Museum of Houston offers many interactive exhibits, including an outdoor area with toy boats and water pipes for your kids to splash around in.

Main Street Theater and Express Children’s Theater

Catch a stimulating and engaging performance with your kids at the Main Street and Express Children’s Theater. The theater runs various workshops and residences for children of all ages, sometimes for free.

Houston Zoo

Home to more than 6,000 animals of about 900 species, this 55-acre zoo is unsurprisingly the second most-visited zoo in the US. Your kids will enjoy seeing the lion exhibit, the primate section, and the super-large elephant exhibit.

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Regardless of the Houston neighborhood you prefer: Midtown, Houston Heights, Montrose, Clear Lake, or Kingwood Area, there are beautiful and affordable homes for sale in Houston, TX, for anyone looking to move to this part of the Lone Star State.

If you’re craving the adrenaline rush that comes with living the big city life, Houston is your best bet. Are you a young professional or fresh out of college and looking to make a name for yourself in the corporate world? It’s time to get a home in Houston.

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