Newman's Castle in Bellville, TX is a sight to behold

Despite the many advantages of living in big cities, there’s a special feeling that small towns give off, one that lives in your memory for a long time. A dozen skyscrapers, men in suits, and fancy sites could never recreate this experience. 

For starters, there’s a level of freedom that small towns possess. For example, you get to visit historic landmarks, try out local dishes, and make a family of friends and locals. Plus, there’s no noisy traffic.

With 4,000+ residents here, Belville is a pretty small town. However, the town is lively and packed with so much to do. From the beautiful wildflowers to the amazing historical sites, Bellville reels in enthralling beauty. 

Attributes of Bellville, Texas

Located towards the east of the Texan German belt not too far from San Felipe de Austin, Belville is popularly known for its rich German culture. During the 17th and 18th centuries, many German colonists settled in Austin county, and to this day, several Germans can trace their descendants back to Bellville.

With a sparse population of 4,000, roughly 81 percent of them are white, while African-Americans account for 11.68 percent of the population. Native Americans, Asians, Hispanics, and Latinos also live here.

Fun Things to Do in Bellville, TX

Now that we’ve outlined a brief history and summary of the town demographics, it’s time to disclose the fun things to do in Bellville TX, to reveal why it’s one of the liveliest towns to visit and live.

Newman’s Castle and Bakery

This monument is arguably the biggest and most attractive sight in Bellville. If you weren’t told otherwise, you’d think that Newman’s Castle was built in the medieval period. The castle was completed in 2006 and has become one of Texas’ most visited sites. 

Touring the castle is one fun experience you won’t want to miss. First off, you’re taken to the Mike Newman Bakery for some of the best snacks you’ll ever taste. From there, you’re led into the castle where you meet Mike Newman’s guard dogs but don’t worry, they’re very friendly. You’re then introduced to a king and a queen who tell you all about the castle’s history and the great wars they’ve won.

They also organize a knighting ceremony for kids and, yes, adults too. One of the amazing things about Newman’s castle is that you’re allowed to roam about the castle after meeting the king, giving you a chance to have your own personal adventure. 

The castle is also open to booking for special events and ceremonies. Can you imagine holding a ceremony in such a magnificent structure? It’d be mind-blowing, to say the least.

Be a Warrior, Forge Your Sword 

Bellville town is truly a complete one. After exploring the castle, there’s a historic blacksmith shop where you can forge swords to your satisfaction. Castle and sword, isn’t that a perfect combo?

Phenix Knives is located in this town, and you are also presented with the opportunity to meet reality TV star “Cowboy” Szymanski. He was one of the first contestants on the Forged With Fire reality TV show on the History Channel.

There’s a wide array of swords to choose from, and if you’ve always wanted a specific kind of sword, Phenix Knives can help you create one. They’ll also walk you through the process of making one. It’s a truly fun and lively experience. This exercise is surely one to avail yourself of whenever you’re in Bellville, TX. Plus, Cowboy Szymanski is a really cool guy. Meeting a reality star is surely one of the best things to do in Bellville Tx, you simply can’t miss it.

You Can Forge A Sword At Bellville’s historic 1891 Blacksmith Shop

The Perk: Coffee and Smoothies

There’s nothing more relaxing than sipping a well-prepared cup of coffee or smoothie after a very stressful day. The right cup in the right atmosphere can calm your nerves and make you feel at home. Luckily, The Bellville Perk offers this and much more. 

Built with Friends’ Central Perk in mind, the classic coffee shop has a cozy and warm feeling about it. Aside from the wonderful atmosphere, they also have tasty customizable smoothies like chocolate chip frappe, coffee, and friendly local staff. Once you walk in, you won’t want to leave. Yes, it’s that amazing!

Bellville Meat Market

With the modernization of the world unfolding at an insanely fast rate, it’s now challenging to find traditional trading platforms like meat markets. Luckily, there’s one in Bellville, and it’s amazingly glorious. 

At this market there are dozens of butchers ready to cut the perfect steak for you. If you need prepared meals, there are also a wide variety of sausages to choose from and some tasty baked goods that can go with any of your favorite toppings. One little piece of advice though, the foods are yummy and also big, so make sure you’re really hungry before you go. 

You can place orders online too. Simply visit the Bellville Meat Market’s official site and start buying.

Learn How to Ride a Horse 

This activity is no doubt, one of the perks of living in small towns. You get to learn a new sport like horse riding. Trainers in big cities usually have lots of trainees, and there’s hardly any one-on-one teaching due to the number of people. 

But in a relatively small town like Bellville, TX, and places like the Bluebonnet Farm, you can learn a lot about horses and how to ride them. In Bluebonnet Farm, you’ll get to meet beautiful American Saddlebreds. You can see how they live day-to-day and learn more about their history. You can also touch and feed them. 

The friendly locals are ever-present to guide you through the process if you want to ride one or learn how to. Learning how to ride a horse is a big mental boost as it has been proven that it reduces stress and anxiety.

Research has shown that horse riding reduces stress and improves the mood

Holland Street Gallery

What’s a city without historic art? If you’re a fan of beautiful art, Bellville, Texas, offers it in abundance. In the Holland Street Gallery, there are over 160 artists with different types and forms of art. Every art angle is covered well from paintings to weaving, pottery, to glasswork. 

If you’ve also wanted to be an artist, there are classes too. You can learn how to make jewelry and also engage in fun events like face painting. If you’ve got a pet, visiting or living in Bellville can be fun for both of you. 

At the Holland Street Gallery, there’s a “Paint Your Pet” class where you get to paint yourself and your pet before taking photos that you can frame.

Farm to Market Produce Company

Unlike in big cities, there’s hardly ever a lack of fresh foods in a traditional town like Bellville, where the Farm to Market Produce Company is located. As their name suggests, their products are local, fresh, and mainly produced in Texas, so you can expect them to be big and tasty.

Raw food isn’t the only thing you can get at the Farm to Market Produce Company. There are prepared meals like savory soups, spinach enchiladas, cauliflower pizzas, and chicken pot pies. They also offer special meals every day. It’s truly something to look forward to.

Huff Brewing Company

We all love a couple of ice-cold beers after a stressful day. In Belleville, you can get your fix at the Huff Brewing Company. Huff Heavy is a malty, dark, and full-bodied Huff Overture and Scottish ale. It’s a very tasty beer that you’ll enjoy.

After the Huff Brewing Company was established in 2012, it became the first to open since the last one was shut down in 1918. 

If you’ve ever wanted to see a taproom, Huff Brewing Company is open for four hours every Friday. You can also book an appointment for Saturday.

Austin County Jail Museum

If you truly want to know the history of Bellville, Texas, you best head to the Austin County Jail Museum. Formerly a jailhouse before it was closed down, it holds a significant part of Belleville’s history behind its walls. You can take a tour of the building, get behind bars, and feel the history of this great place. Learning the history of this town and visiting its houses up for sale is a very fun and rich experience, definitely among the best things to do in Bellville TX.

Final Thought

Living in a big city might sound like fun, but you’ll be missing out on a lot. Small towns like Bellville, TX offer lots more fun. It doesn’t matter if you’re a tourist looking for some fresh air or a home buyer looking to buy a new house, Bellville is perfect for you!

The locals are friendly, the food is good, and the weather is refreshing. There’s honestly no downside to Bellville TX. If you ever visit or move into Bellville, we hope you enjoy doing the things we’ve listed.

We’ve managed to list out lots of fun things to do in Bellville but honestly, without a perfect home to cap things off, you might not enjoy the town fully. 

That’s why we at Realized Properties offer quality and affordable homes to ensure you enjoy the full experience. Consider going through our website for available listings today and find your dream home in Bellville, TX.

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