The Montgomery courtyard in Conroe, TX

Conroe is a small town in southeast Texas, located 40 miles north of Houston in the Gulf Coastal Plains/Piney Woods area.

This suburban city is populated by roughly 90,000 people and covers a broad region around Lake Conroe. Furthermore, Conroe, TX is one of Texas’ most popular lakes and is home to the famous Sam Houston National Forest, making this Texas town one of the best places you can visit for a vacation in the state.

If you’re looking to visit this Texan city for vacation purposes or move here, then you’ve made a fantastic decision. We’ve compiled a list of the places to visit and the best things to do in Conroe, TX. Read on!

Have a Swim at Lake Conroe Park

You can splash around in the park’s swimming facilities, enjoy barbecues, or play beach volleyball with friends. Enjoy the fresh air lake Conroe provides and the taste of lake life accompanied by unending fun.

Planning on visiting Conroe in the winter? Don’t worry, Texas’ lakes seldom freeze over, so you can still enjoy the outdoors or stop by the lake to watch the sunset.

Lake Conroe Park is open from 9 a.m. until dark, Tuesday through Sunday. The entry fee for a day is $5 per person.

The Crighton Theater

The Crighton Theater is one of the most stunning structures in Conroe, TX. This magnificent building hosts performances by several of Conroe’s performing arts organizations, including the Sounds of Texas Music Series, Stage-Right Productions, and the Christian Youth Theater.

Completed in 1934, the magnificent structure thrived as a theater until the mid-1960s, when audiences shifted to larger screen venues such as drive-in cinemas. The Crighton Theater, along with other historic downtown buildings, was finally restored and is now the focal point of downtown Conroe, TX.

Montgomery County Heritage Museum

The Heritage Museum is a living history museum that covers Conroe’s history, and also features displays that contextualize what tourists could encounter in the state, such as the state flag flying high on buildings.

Only a few historical museums provide more fascinating moments than the Heritage Museum of Montgomery County. You don’t have to be from Texas to appreciate the various artifacts and exhibits on display at this modest museum. Outside the building, you can view classic antiques such as a 1903 printing press and an old Pegasus gas station sign from the 1930s, exhibited at a Mobil gas station.

Explore Texas’s history further with exhibits covering the surrounding timber and oil industries, historic residences, and even a log cabin and a general store where kids can dress-up in historical costumes.

While there, you can also see a look-alike of the office where Dr. C. B. Stewart, a Conroe citizen and the first Secretary of State of the Republic of Texas, drew the Texas flag that still flies today.

The Heritage Museum of Montgomery County is open from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Wednesday through Saturday.

There are no tickets necessary, but a voluntary gift of $1 for adults and $0.50 for children, is welcomed at the door.

Blueberries from the Moorhead's blueberry farm in Conroe, TX

Fruit Picking at Texas’ Oldest Blueberry Farm

Moorhead’s Blueberry Farm, located just 25 minutes from downtown Conroe, features 20 acres of fresh blueberries, with over two dozen kinds from which to select.

This chemical and pesticide-free blueberry farm has been family-owned and run since 1977, so these are some berries you can feel good about eating.

Typically, the blueberry season lasts from the last weekend in May to mid-July, depending on the weather.

Moorhead’s Blueberry Farm offers 20 different fresh blueberry species to choose from and sells them for $3.50 a pound, payable exclusively in cash or cheque.

Ride a Vintage WWII Bomber Plane

Although it’s one of the more costly things to do in Conroe, TX, riding in the bomber plane will be an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime event for you.

If you’re lucky enough, you can board a B-17 Flying Fortress and experience the excitement of gliding through the skies in an authentic World War II heavy bomber that’s been restored to wartime shape.

Choose a seat in the aircraft’s middle or, for an additional fee, the adrenaline thrill of the Navigator’s or Bombardier’s Seat.

Go Log Cabin Exploration at Fernland Historical Park

This educational park, which has some of Texas’s oldest structures, provides an insight into life in the state before and after the Civil War.

Explore log cabins and residences from the 1800s before stepping outdoors to appreciate the beautifully kept gardens and a turtle pond.

Fernland Historical Park opens from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Tuesdays through Saturdays and from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Sundays.

Taste Homemade Beer at the Southern Star Brewing Company

You can enjoy one of the numerous award-winning in-house craft beers or fill your plate high with tasty food truck dishes at the Southern Star Brewery.

If you’re interested, the company gives free brewery tours every Saturday at 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.

That’s not all! The site also has an outdoor Biergarten with a live music stage and a disc golf course.

Bird Watching in William Goodrich Jones State Forest

Conroe, TX is surrounded by breathtaking natural surroundings, including the William Goodrich Jones State Forest, a popular bird watching destination. The pine forest covers more than 1,700 acres and provides excellent habitat for wildlife and birds, and is home to over 250 bird species, many of which are unique to the southern states.

Carry along binoculars and a camera to search for rarely seen birds in southern pine woods. Even if you don’t encounter the birds, you’ll almost certainly hear them sing while you stroll the paths of the Jones State Forest.

Go Golfing in Conroe, TX

If you’re seeking some golf action in Conroe, TX, you’ll have no trouble locating a public or local course. Conroe is dotted with several public courses, a miniature golf course, and a handful of others just beyond the municipal limits.

The Conroe Country Club, a nine-hole course created by John Bredimus, is one of the city’s oldest courses. This club first opened in 1939, and it remains a local favorite to date.

There’s also the River Plantation Golf Club, built by Jay Riviere, which is an 18-hole golf course that is available to the public seven days a week. 

Besides a round of golf surrounded by 100-year-old oak trees, you may arrange lessons with PGA and LGA experts and stay for lunch at the picturesque grill overlooking the course.

The Crighton theater in Conroe

Stroll Through Historic Downtown Conroe, TX

A stroll through historic downtown Conroe is a pleasant way to spend the day. Many little treasures can be found around every corner and will give you an insight into the town’s history. You can end your stay with background information on how the city was developed and the famous people who were born there.

The streets next to the train lines are full of attractions to explore, from art galleries, restaurants, and antique stores to seasonal farmers markets and historic theaters. Conroe Founders Plaza is one of the first places to visit if there’s a downtown event or a show on the entertainment stage.

Visit the Montgomery County Veterans Memorial Park

Montgomery County Veterans Memorial Park is a small but memorable park worth visiting in Conroe. The park is decorated with a huge flag that flutters along Victory Street, beautifying the area and introducing serenity. It was created to celebrate the uniforms of the residents of Conroe as well as the men and women of Montgomery County.

Also, the park has a wide path divided into sections in honor of several veterans. Additionally, the main walkway through the park and around the pond is the POW/MIA Memorial Walkway, paying special tribute to Sergeant Luther James Dorsey Bridge.

The Lone Star Monument and Historical Flag Park are close to Veterans Memorial Park. These structures complement Montgomery County’s status as the birthplace of the Lone Star Flag. In addition, there is also a bronze monument known as “The Texan”.

The Owen Theater

While less popular than Conroe’s Crighton Theater, the Owen theater is a magnificent performance space with a busy event calendar. Because of its modest setting, the theater is known as “The Little theater of Conroe.” The 250-seat facility is ideal for a low-key evening out to see a show.

Furthermore, the Owen Theater is home to the Players Theater Company, which hosts live performances regularly. This community theater group was founded in 1967 and is currently an integral element of Conroe’s arts scene.

Cavender’s Boot City

When you visit Texas, there’s always this desire to blend in with some western wear, and one of the best spots to get genuine cowboy hats and boots is at Cavender’s Boot City in Conroe. The large shop has an overabundance of leather goods, western attire, and rows of boots. Here you can get all kinds of boots.

Cavender’s has been in business in Texas since 1965, specializing in boots, shoes, and clothes for residents and visitors who want to look the part without seeming foolish.

Even if you’re not buying anything, Cavender’s is still worth visiting solely to sightsee and learn about how real western clothes are designed. You’re likely to depart with a pair of fitting boots that complement your unique style.

Conroe Art League, Madeley Gallery

The Conroe Art League Madeley Gallery, located in historic Downtown Conroe, is a visual arts center that features rotating exhibitions of work by local artists. Many of the artworks on show are available for purchase in the gallery.

Furthermore, the Madeley Gallery also provides workshops and lectures on topics ranging from quilling paper to watercolor painting. Most of these courses are day-long classes that you can sign up for before visiting Conroe.

baseball player

Antiquing in Conroe, TX

Due to the city’s historical significance, you find some treasures at Conroe’s antique shops. Several may be seen on the streets of the Old Downtown District, where you can also find an antique mall.

The Conroe Central Market, with large storefront displays advertising historic items, furniture, and apparel, is one of the most eye-catching antique shops downtown. Daily, new antiques are introduced to the store, making it an exciting place to visit even if you visit repeatedly throughout your stay.

You’ll also encounter privately owned antique businesses on the outskirts of Conroe by driving through some of the streets.

The Isaac Conroe Homestead

Conroe City was named after a man who still retains his standing home downtown, which he acquired in 1885. The Isaac Conroe Homestead, located on the other side of the railway tracks from the remainder of Historic Downtown Conroe, has been exquisitely restored.

Furthermore, Conroe, TX commissioned the historic building to serve as a temporary courthouse just four years after purchasing it. The original two-story frame house features external stairs. By booking a reservation, you can take a tour of the house.

Kayak Down the Woodlands Waterway

The Woodlands, only 10 minutes from downtown Conroe, is full of lovely open areas, malls, and an artificial river that snakes its way through all of the major attractions in the community.

Here, you can rent a kayak and enjoy the scenery, paddle to Woodlands waterway for extra outdoor fun, or dine at one of the lakeside restaurants.

The Isaac Conroe’s Farmers Market

The Isaac Conroe Farmers Market is one of the most delightful events in historic downtown Conroe. On the first Thursday of every month, the market is held at Founder Square. The farmers market is a Conroe tradition that started in 2015 with several locals and remains an important part of the community today.

Here, the market sellers showcase seasonal fruits and vegetables, including local honey, flowers, artisanal salsa, and more.

Dinner Cruise on Lake Conroe

Lake Conroe is perfect for swimming, water activities, and fishing during the day. However, it can also host a spectacular party once the sun goes down.

Sail away aboard a restored vintage boat for dining, cocktails, and dancing while enjoying beautiful views of the lake.

There’s no better place to enjoy starry nights and sunsets than on the shores of Lake Conroe.

Enjoy Local Music with Indigenes at Pacific Yard House

Pacific Yard House, located in the middle of downtown Conroe in a structure that dates back to 1907, is a popular spot for dinner and cocktails.

The spot has several indoor and outdoor eating spaces, an enormous bar with tons of beer, and live bands every week. Furthermore, the place is exquisitely designed.

You get to choose from a menu full of southern comfort foods like barbeque and burgers, while you dance to vibrant tunes from local musicians.

Visit the Montgomery County Fair

The Montgomery County Fair is a fantastic way to welcome spring and is undoubtedly one of Conroe’s most fascinating attractions. 

Furthermore, the fair is a fantastic opportunity to support local farmers and ranchers from all around the county.

As an attraction for over 50,000 visitors each year, the Montgomery county fair has everything from carnival activities to concerts, and you might even witness a BBQ cook-off.

You’ll also enjoy the customary auctions, which feature not only cattle but also quilts, furniture, horticulture, and baked products. Furthermore, the fair serves as a youth scholarship fundraiser.

Lake Conroe on

Party at Papa’s on the Lake

With an adults-only pool, outdoor sand volleyball courts, pool tables, TVs tuned to the newest sports games, and more, visiting Papa’s on the Lake is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Conroe, TX.

You can expect things to get much rowdier on the lake. On weekends, several live local musicians perform for people partying on their boats near the restaurant’s dock.

Explore the Cagle Recreation Area

The Cagle Recreation Area, located on the outskirts of Conroe and within the Sam Houston National Forest, is a natural treasure in the area. It is situated on the shores of Lake Conroe and surrounded by a thick forest of towering pines.

Picnics, boating, and hiking along the paths are all popular activities in the region. Hikers often visit to tackle a section of the 128-mile-long Lone Star Hiking Trail that runs through the Sam Houston National Forest. Access spots are indicated with trail marker signs.

The outdoor recreation area is a tranquil site for birdwatching, a convenient location for launching boats and kayaks, and a popular spot for camping.

Enjoy a Massage

A soothing massage is often the best way to get into the vacation spirit. Need more fun things to do in Conroe? You can treat yourself to a lovely Himalayan salt stone massage during your stay at Margaritaville Lake Resort in Conroe, TX. After that, you can sit in the steam room, which will leave you feeling completely rejuvenated.

Visit the 7 Acre Wood

Head to the popular 7-Acre Wood Farm Park in Conroe, TX for vintage children’s activities and games! Entry to the park includes a petting zoo, tetherball, mini golf, pony rides, and a zip line, among other activities you can enjoy with your kids.

The Red Brick Tavern

Located in the historic downtown area, Red Brick Tavern offers some of the best dining spots in town.

Enjoy a wood-fired pizza drizzled with balsamic vinegar while listening to live music and sipping local and national beers.

The Tavern is behind the Crighton theater and is a great place to dine.

Paddle Wheel Cruise on Lake Conroe

When visiting Conroe, you must visit the Southern Empress, a paddlewheel cruise on Lake Conroe that offers dancing, dining, and spectacular views of the sunset over the water

Because of the stunning sunsets, a paddlewheel cruise on the lake is one of the nicest things to do in Conroe, TX.

Shop at the Woodlands Mall

If you want a more sophisticated shopping experience, the Woodlands is the place for you.

It’s no surprise that the community, known for its amenities, offers an enjoyable shopping experience.

The Woodlands Mall is a 1,350,000-square-foot mall that houses some of the area’s top name-brand businesses.


Conroe is a must-see destination whether you’re planning a relaxing weekend break in Texas, a road trip through the state, or moving to a less populated part of Texas.

Here, you can have several indoor and outdoor adventures, while also learning about the state’s history. Dining isn’t left out. Conroe, TX has several lovely restaurants that offer local and foreign cuisines. Your visit won’t be complete if you don’t visit Lake Conroe and experience a scintillating outdoor experience. Rest assured, in this little town, you’ll have a wonderful time.

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