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Texas is home to some of the wealthiest urban areas in the country, and you wouldn’t have to count long before finding Cypress on that list. It’s among the highest-income towns throughout the country, with a rich history and excellent amenities.

Cypress, TX is generally a prosperous community and highly desirable in Houston’s metro area. Beyond its excellent schools for families and affordable homes for residents, Cypress also has a lot in store for visitors.

Are you looking to explore this attractive Texan town but don’t know where to begin? Cypress spoils you for choice with top attractions to see.

Luckily, we’ve got highlights of some of the best fun things to do in Cypress, TX. The information could help you plan your tours through this bubbly town and improve your experience.

Get Started at the Creek Preserve

It’s always an excellent idea to interact with nature whenever you’ve got the chance. People moving to Cypress are probably tired of urban Houston‘s hustle and bustle and want to enjoy the natural greenery and the community feel small towns offer.

Therefore, it’d be best to begin your tours at the Creek Preserve in Cypress, TX. The wild, pristine woods are one of the more popular places in the town, with nature lovers trooping in for an experience.

You could take a hike at the Cypress Creek trail if you feel up to it. The area is open and accessible from several locations, so you don’t have to worry about losing your way. 

Also, you still get the feeling that you’re in a rural area, away from industrial noises. The dense mature trees you find throughout the site complete the natural look and feel.

However, we advise that you pack lots of bug spray for your journey to help you ward off pesky insects.

Knock Down Some Pints at Wicked Boxer Brewing

Another exciting place to visit in Cypress is the Wicked Boxer Brewing, the oldest brewery in the town. The establishment is veteran-owned, but you wouldn’t know it as the place has a homely ambiance.

This Brewery follows strict adult beverage regulations and won’t serve visitors below 21. They might allow you to bring in your kids or pets, but you’ll be responsible for their refreshments.

Overall, the brewery is an excellent place to visit for a fun night after the day’s tour. You’ve got several hearty, handmade beers ready and waiting on tap for you and friends or family.

Flatter Your Appetite in Cypress

Great food is a crucial part of any tour, and you will be glad that there’s no shortage of delectables in Cypress, TX. The town has some of the best dining experiences in Texas, with cafes and diners that will surely please your palate. Below are some of the top food locations you should check out while you’re in Cypress.

Nyam Nyam Cafe

Home to delicious traditional Russian cuisine, packed with rich flavors and a homely ambiance.

Cypress Breakfast House

A local favorite, it’s open for breakfast and lunch throughout each day.

Season’s Harvest Cafe

Do you crave a farm-to-table meal experience in Cypress? Season’s Harvest Cafe has the best locally-grown menu in town

Han’s Crawfish

Crawfish doesn’t get any better at Han’s Crawfish restaurant. It should be on your list if you fancy great seafood.


One of the culinary sleeper hits in Cypress, TX. They’ve got excellent food selections and great surroundings.

Hailey’s Italian Restaurant

Fancy some sumptuous Italiano fettuccine or chicken Alfredo? Hailey’s Italian Restaurant regularly serves up traditional Italian dishes in Cypress.

Nature at its best in Cypress

Stop and Shop at the Houston Premium Outlets

We’ll admit that the in-person shopping culture is dying out in the wake of e-commerce. Online shops are pretty trendy these days, even in Texan towns. However, if you’re in Cypress, and are keen to try out some physical shopping, it’s best to start at the Houston Premium Outlets.

The facility is just outside the town, about 4.4 miles away if you’re driving. You can find lovely designer outlet clusters, cafes, and stores where you can buy various things at bargain prices. 

Plus, Houston Premium Outlets is an excellent idea if you’ve got an afternoon to spare. You get to try and buy in persong.

Try for a Hole-in-One at the Blackhorse Golf Club

Did you know that Cypress has a public golf course? Not just any kind, it’s one of the best you can find in Texas. The Blackhorse Golf Club offers you breathtaking views and a challenging golf experience.

It features an impeccable landscape that leaves you wanting to visit again and again. The pines and oaks dot the area so gracefully that you can’t tell the club has been open since 2001. Also, it’s one of those golf courses with a traditional layout, so you won’t find any buildings to break the sprawling greens.

Blackhorse Golf Club has 18 holes, offering you a championship-level golfing experience. You get to choose from the six tees sets, depending on your skill level. You could also set yourself up with friends for some disc golf. There are rental services where you can get regular and disc golf gear.

Overall, it’s not difficult to see yourself becoming a regular visitor to Blackhorse Golf Club if you have a general passion for golf.

Try the Outdoors at the Telge Park

You quickly find out that Cypress has many parks, but none is as stunning as Telge Park. It’s got an expansive 11-acre space, and you can take a walking trail there for hiking and other outdoor activities. What’s more, the park has lovely playgrounds for kids as well.

Telge Park also has secluded spots all over the place, perfect for couples’ dates or a plain ol’ picnic. If you fancy some fishing, you’ll be glad to know that Cypress Creek runs through the park, making for a great fishing spot.

Overall, the park is a great place to enjoy the outdoors, nature trails, and spend time with the family. However, it’s best to go earlier in the day or later in the evening to avoid the Texan heat.

Enjoy Lake Life at the Boardwalk at Towne Lake

Cypress is also a town where you can go water skiing and enjoy the nightlife. The Broadwalk is a popular lake destination for locals and visitors alike, thanks to the boating activities and shops around the area.

You can find The Boardwalk on Towne Lake, a substantial community of about 2400 acres. The lake itself spans 300 acres and primarily houses boats. Another exciting thing about the Broadwalk is that you can only get there by water, which could be so much fun if you’re looking forward to a boat ride.

Furthermore, you’ve got the stores and restaurants, offering an impressive dining experience. So you get to enjoy the waters during the day and try out any of the dozen fine cuisines on the lake for dinner.

Aerial View of Cypress and surrounding towns

Stop by the Burger Resort

It’d be challenging to miss several burger joints in Cypress, let alone the biggest of them. The Burger Resort is an excellent place to visit, offering amazing burgers to complement the fancy name.

The menu is fresh with natural handmade patties. You also get flavors and toppings, whether it’s the Brazilian burger with grilled corn, potatoes, and cheddar cheese; or the AM burger with its bacon, sausage, and eggs.

There are many brews to go with the meals, with exciting sides like onion rings. What’s more, the Burger Resort lets you enjoy all of it on a sprawling patio for the best open-air dining experience in Cypress.

See a Show at the Berry Center

When you think the fun’s over at Cypress, TX, you’ll be surprised to find an 80 million dollar multi-use complex in the town. The Berry Center is a great place to visit with the family, with its shows and productions. The theater has over 450 seats, plenty for families to watch the Slam Dunk or Nutcracker.

The complex is one of the few recreation centers with an 11,000-seat football stadium. It’s mainly for Cy-Fair Independent School District, so you can drop by whenever there’s a tournament.

Also, you’ll find a multipurpose arena that can seat 9500 and host events and concerts throughout the year.

Hide Away at Maxwell Park

While our list covers places and things to do in Cypress,  TX on your first visit, we’ve also got something for anyone looking to stay around the town for a bit longer. Maxwell Park is a hidden gem of a spot you’ll only find if you’re looking for it.

This Cypress park spans about 13 acres, with residential properties running along its perimeter. Cypress Creek flows adjacent to the park, and you might notice that the buildings have an elevated level to avoid any potential floods from the Creek’s banks.

Furthermore, Maxwell Park is a lovely place for picnics and a dog park. You’ll find several picnic tables, trail lights, and paved paths in the park’s central area.

If you’ve got a pet, it’s an excellent idea to walk them around the playground and dog park. You could take a walking path on the sandy banks where you get to take in the fresh air.

Other Helpful Information About Cypress TX

With all the lovely places to visit and things to do in Cypress, TX, you might want to hang around to know more about the town. Settling down in the urban Texan town might cross your mind too.

Below are some of the other things to know about Cypress.

The Business Climate

Cypress TX is good for profitable businesses on any scale, from startups to Fortune 500 brands. That’s a piece of great news if you’re looking to further your career in this small town.

Part of the pro-business climate is the taxes, which are much lower than the state’s average. Corporate regulations are also flexible in Cypress, and when you combine that with a highly diverse and educated workforce, the town’s business attractiveness becomes more pronounced.

Some of the leading industries in operation in the area include construction, education, energy, and healthcare. Overall, Cypress is an excellent place to start a business.

The Real Estate Market

Fancy owning a home in Cypress, TX? The odds are favorable, as the homeownership rate in the area is about 82 percent. What’s more, most residences (about 85 percent ) are single-family. Such numbers are welcome if you want a convenient home for your nuclear family.

The town’s investment profile is also impressive, as the median property value across Cypress, TX is around $350,000, much higher than the national average. Plus, the real estate prospects of the town are rising annually. You have a low crime rate and a great community feel to thank for the positive outlook.

Some of the top communities in and around Cypress include Coles Crossing, Bridgeland, and Black Horse Ranch. If you’re looking for higher-end neighborhoods, Cypress Mill and The Grand Series are excellent options.

Wrapping Up

Texas, especially around Houston, has a few towns with rich historic sites and many places to visit. Cypress is one such area, and you’ll be fascinated by the lovely places you find there.

But, with so many places to visit and things to do, you might feel a bit stuck on where to begin. Our comprehensive list of places in Cypress can help you out, allowing you to enjoy every day you spend in the area.

Indeed, Cypress, TX is an excellent place to settle, and its many attractions could sway you to buy a home there. But, what is the process for buying a home in the Houston area, especially if you’re getting into home buying for the first time?

The purchase process can get complex along the way, and you might worry that you don’t have adequate information. At Realized Properties, we can help you get you your dream house with our wealth of experience.  Check the best houses for sale in Cypress, TX. Contact us today for more information on how to start the purchase process.

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